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AGM requirements

Conference "Classroom" style with:

  • 14 seats and a table for the Executive Committee (EC) + Senior Staff (EC Table)

  • A podium for presenters (for up to three persons presenting simultaneously)

  • A minimum of 350 seats for delegates with table and electric sockets

  • Wi-Fi connection for up to 500 persons

  • 14 microphones for the EC table + three microphones for the podium

  • One microphone per Member Association

  • One microphone for each two seats for other delegates

  • Video projector divisible on three large 16:9 screens for presentations and videos, preferably a large LED backdrop which can have independent sources of signal.

  • Five mirror screens for the EC table and the podium

  • Translation service (Interprefy ®) for English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish

  • LUMI ® electronic voting system for on-site and off-site delegates

  • Video production with a minimum of three cameras that is to be produced for live streaming of the AGM and BoD meeting.

  • A dedicated photographer for the five days of meetings

  • Catering for welcome coffee, coffee break, lunch, afternoon coffee during the AGM

  • 24-hours access to the facilities of the AGM for rehearsal

  • Desk labelling and name tags for delegates

  • Eight registration desks outside the AGM room

  • A backdrop for presentation of plaques / recognitions

  • Up to six English speaking volunteers to assist with registration, ushering, and assistance

  • Four security personnel for the AGM voting

BoD meeting requirements

  • Use of the same venue as AGM recommended. However, the setting can be changed, for up to 80 delegates participating.

  • The same configuration as AGM is needed, except that specific requirement for TV production and translation services are to be confirmed.

Executive Committee and Continental Council meeting requirements

  • A room with a seating capacity of 25 persons arranged in a U-shape.

  • Technology facilities for a hybrid meeting, microphones for all participants, projector or screens for all participants to follow the presentations.

  • Translation services to be confirmed.


  • For all meetings, meeting rooms should be dressed professionally, the with official ITTF branding, which would be prepared and agreed between the ITTF and the host.

  • Up to 5 offices in the facility for ITTF Executives to meet delegates.

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