• Men's & Women's Singles

  • Men's & Women's Singles Consolations

  • Men's & Women's Open Singles

Age Categories

  • 40 - 49 years old

  • 50 - 59 years old

  • 60 - 64 years old

  • 65 - 69 years old

  • 70 - 74 years old

  • 75 - 79 years old

  • 80 and over

Optional: Other age categories 


  • Main Hall

    • Minimum 14 tables  (10m x 5m each​)

    • Minimum 2 show-courts (14m X 7m each)

  • Streaming at ITTF WVT Facebook Group Page​

    • LOC should be able to stream on ITTF WVT Facebook Group Page at least​ for the final day (Day 4)

  • Training Hall​

  • Equipment according to the WVT sponsorship standards.

  • High-traffic Exhibition area for spectators, exhibitors and sponsors.

  • Medical and first aid services.

  • Changing rooms.

  • VIP facilities including Seats and Lounges.

  • Sufficient Internet and other IT services, including support for ITTF’s Result Management System.


  • Minimum 2 accommodation options  (3 - 4+  stars hotels), including transportation and catering.

  • Hospitality for officials, sponsors and other partners.


LIVE Internet Streaming​

  • Organise all the technical requirements for Internet Streaming to support the ITTF Streaming team.

Media & Marketing​

  • Media requirements as outlined in the WVT directives, including minimum sport presentation requirements.

  • All Sponsorship agreements signed by the ITTF shall be upheld by the organisers.

Functions & Services

  • A high level of service focused on providing a great experience to players, officials, and participants.

Professional Staff

  • ITTF will provide a Competition Manager and the ITTF will work with local organizers to appoint a qualified team of officials.

  • The organisers will be responsible for providing the necessary competition support staff and certified umpires, according to the WVT Directives (CLICK HERE to read the 2022 WVT Directives, which are subject to change).