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  • 2024 WTTC between 20 May to 9 June (~10 to 14 days)

  • 40 Men's Teams [Round robin]

  • 40 Women's Teams [Round robin]

  • 16 Teams from group winners and runner ups [Knock out]

  • Ceremonies include Opening Ceremony, Award Ceremony and Closing Ceremony.



  • Main Hall

    • Minimum size of 1 show court (15m x 22m each​)

    • Minimum 5,000 to 7,000 spectator capacity (depending on market)

    • Ready at least 3 days prior to the start date

  • Other Competition Hall(s)

    • ​Minimum total size of 3 show courts (10m x 20m each)

    • Minimum 3,000 spectator capacity

    • Ready at least 3 days prior to the start date

  • Warm-Up and Training Hall(s)

    • ​Warm-Up Hall with minimum of 8 courts (7m x 14m each)

    • Training Hall with minimum of 24 courts (7m x 14m each)

    • Ready at least 3 days prior to the start date 

  • High-traffic Exhibition area for spectators, exhibitors and brand partners

  • Clean venue with no other corporate branding of non-event partners 

  • Spectator Seating Areas 

  • Player facilities including Preparation Areas, Seats, Lounges, Medical, Massage and First-Aid, Changing rooms etc. 

  • Corporate Hospitality and VIP facilities including Arena Seats, Courtside Seats, Lounges and Corporate Suites. 

  • Family Hospitality and VIP facilities including Seats, Match Official Lounges and Officials Lounges. 

  • Administrative facilities including Meeting rooms, ITTF/WTT offices, Call-Area and Doping control. 

  • Media facilities including Seats, Press room, HB Compound and Studios, Mixed Zone, and Press Conference. 

  • Other provisions including Internet, IT services and supplies, Sound System, LEDs, additional lighting rigs, liquor license, full rights for vendor areas, full rights for event branding, subfloor for sports floor, security system, fire alarm, emergency plan, power supply and back-up generators, cleaning etc. 

  • Sufficient staffing and volunteers to manage all of the above.


  • Accommodation: minimum 4-5 stars

  • Free hospitality for players, officials, brand partners and other partners, and packages for people not entitled to free hospitality. 

  • Transport, catering for players, officials, sponsors, and other partners.


VIP Services

  • Exclusive VIP Areas for different levels of VIPs. ​

  • Welcome package with souvenirs and event information. 

  • Private cars and transport service. 

  • Food & Beverage of the highest standards. 

  • Exclusive accreditations/tickets. 


  • Meetings should be planned according to the WTTC Finals Directives and the ITTF/WTT needs.​

  • Main meetings include the Annual General Meeting, Board of Directions, Executive Committee, Olympic & Paralympic Committee and other Committee’s meetings.

TV Broadcast & Live Internet Streaming

  • WTT will manage and provide the TV Production for a high level broadcasting experience. The organisers will be required to provide support and help organize all technical requirements to support the WTT Production Team. 

  • With the new concept of the WTTC Finals, all courts shall be covered with TV Production and Table Tennis Review (TTR) for all days.

  • The organisers shall organise all the technical requirements for Internet Streaming to support the WTT Streaming Team.

Marketing & Media

  • Spectacular sports presentation including audio, visual, lighting and live show entertainment.

  • Promotion of table tennis globally.

  • Event and city promotion.

  • Highest level visual identify across the city, venue, official hotels, cars etc. 

  • Event merchandise.

  • The WTTC Finals Directives shall outline the minimum requirements for Sports Presentation.

  • All brand partnership agreements signed by WTT (for ITTF) shall be upheld by the organisers.

  • VIP services shall be implemented as per the WTTC Finals Directives.

  • The 360 degree holistic promotional strategy to get the city and country engaged into the WTTC Finals and a robust ticketing strategy to ensure the stadium is full to see the world’s best players in action.

Functions & Services

  • The organisers shall provide players a high level of service, according to the WTTC Finals Directives.

  • The ITTF and the organisers must conduct Anti-Doping tests, in accordance with the ITTF and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). regulations and the policies of the Host Country’s Government

  • The ITTF and the organisers must conduct Racket Testing, according to the rules and regulations of the ITTF.

  • The organisers must ensure that medical services will be available throughout the WTTC Finals, in accordance with the WTTC Finals Directives.

  • Highest standards of event security plans.

  • Host will be required to provide limited liability insurance proof that meets local regulations.

Referees & Umpires

  • The organisers and the ITTF will invite national and foreign Referees and Umpires according to the Directives for Match Officials at World Title Competitions of the ITTF.

  • The ITTF may invite certified ITTF instructors to conduct training and evaluations for umpires before or during the event, in accordance with the Directives for the AUT Course, Advanced Rules Exam (ARE), Evaluators and Referee Team.